Circles, Cycles and Cylinders, a hit with locals

The historic Round Tower played host to the exhibition, ‘Circles, Cycles and Cylinders’ over the past weekend.

The exhibition showcased a variety of mediums, including ceramics, painting, weaving, printmaking, and the mesmerizing art of ebru water marbling. Each artist brought their unique perspective to the theme, resulting in a captivating and well-curated display.

Among the standout pieces were the interactive print by FOURSANDEIGHTS titled ‘Acrylic Displacement’. This innovative artwork invited viewers to engage and interact, changing views on printmaking.

Additionally, ceramicist Annie Flitcroft’s installation of 50 ceramic bells produced a captivating soundscape within the space. The combination of visual and auditory intrigued visitors from the moment they stepped through the door.

The exhibition saw over 400 people through its doors where they were greeted with invigilating artists to discuss their works.

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