Exploring Art, History, and Ceramics: A Double Feature at Hotwalls Studios

Hotwalls Studios is abuzz with excitement as we prepare to host two events in mid-October to bring art, history, and craftsmanship to the Round Tower. On the 14 and 15 October, we invite you to immerse yourself into a weekend of creativity and culture.

Fire and Glaze: Ceramics Market on 14 October

First on the agenda is our new Fire and Glaze Ceramics Market on 14 October. A haven for ceramics enthusiasts and art lovers alike. The Round Tower will transform into a beautiful marketplace showcasing the work of talented ceramic artists. From delicate porcelain to rugged stoneware, you’ll find an array of unique ceramics on display, each telling its own story through form and texture.

This market provides an excellent opportunity to explore the world of ceramics, chat with the artists, and perhaps find that one-of-a-kind piece to add to your collection.

Featuring at Fire and Glaze will be ceramicist Neal Griffin (image above)

Harry Payne’s Open Studio on 15 October

Work by Harry Payne

Following Fire and Glaze, we’re delighted to welcome our next guest artist, Harry Payne, on October 15. During our monthly Open Studios event where all 13 artist studios are open to the public, Harry will occupy the Round Tower as his pop-up studio space from 11 am to 4 pm.

Harry Payne is a versatile artist whose work beautifully melds history, art, and culture. His pieces intertwine narratives, objects, and imagery from diverse historical periods. By employing a range of mediums and techniques, including painting, sculpture, installation, and textiles, Harry challenges conventional artistic norms.

What sets Harry apart is his rigorous research process, where he unearths forgotten narratives and hidden stories, shedding light on overlooked perspectives from history. His art acts as a bridge between the past and the present, encouraging viewers to engage with history and consider how it shapes their understanding of the present.

Hotwalls Studios’ guest artist program remains open for applications, welcoming artists with unique perspectives and innovative approaches to their craft. Harry Payne’s work exemplifies the kind of creativity we seek to nurture, making it an excellent opportunity for aspiring artists to join our community. Find out more here: Apply for our Guest Artist Programme – Hotwalls Studios

This mid-October double feature at Hotwalls Studios offers a chance to explore and celebrate art. Whether you’re captivated by the world of ceramics or intrigued by the interplay between history and contemporary art, these events aim to inspire and enrich.

Please note that this months Open Studios falls on the same day as the Great South Run, which means that some of our studios may be operating at reduced working hours. All studios will be open from 1pm when Broad Street reopens.

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