‘Follow me’ takes flight

The Round Tower has bid farewell to yet another highly successful solo exhibition by the resident artist Lizzie, known for her distinctive brand, “icanseethesea.” Over the course of the weekend, 469 visitors were warmly welcomed into Lizzie’s vibrant world of art.

Lizzie’s art is a delightful fusion of graphic design, bold compositions, and meticulous hand-painted craftsmanship. With a keen eye for detail and a vibrant colour palette, Lizzie’s artwork exudes a sense of joy and wonder, captivating the viewer.

The exhibition featured numerous pieces adorned with her iconic pink seagulls, which proved to be immensely popular, as they seemingly “flew” out of the door. However, amidst the excitement of Lizzie’s achievements, perhaps the most thrilling revelation to emerge from her “Follow Me” exhibition is her upcoming move to a new studio space. Lizzie’s artistic journey will lead her to The Porters Lodge, nestled within the Historic Dockyard, starting from the 3rd of July. The best part? Entry to the dockyard is entirely free for visitors. Simply inform the security personnel that you are visiting Lizzie at icanseethesea, and you will gain access to her captivating new space!

Find work by Lizzie at: Store – icanseethesea

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