Incredible feedback for Interactive Weaves

Interactive Weaves is a creative community project created by textile artist Alice Hume and funded by Arts Council England. It consisted of a series of free artistic workshops which explored topics of sustainability, community and well-being through craft practices. Workshops were hosted by Alice’s fellow Hotwalls artists who taught the public specialist art techniques and practices using recycled, upcycled and ethical materials. These were then woven into the large weave installations. Whilst the workshops were taking place, a Hotwalls artist captured the events of the day, through life drawing.

Alice says, “Almost 500 people have got involved over the past few months and the artwork which has been created is incredible. I’ve really enjoyed seeing people’s skills and confidence grow, and not to forget the wonderful friendships which have been made.”

Following the completion of all workshops, Interactive Weaves: An Exhibition was presented at The Round Tower in September, curated by Lauren Nicoll. Here, the story of the project was told through photographs, film, artwork, materials, quotes, and feedback. The final weaves were displayed on the Hotwalls Studios Parade Ground together for the very first time.

“Great, as being a key worker, this has given me thirty minutes of ‘me time’. Thank you to everybody.” -Angela, Workshop Attendee, Moon Weaves

“This project has inspired me to go again and look into doing my art class.”- Work Attendee

“What a joy to be involved in such a project. All my concerns about the weather and other practicalities melted away when we began armed with our glue sticks. So much fun and laughter at the table and collaborative pieces from friends, families, or complete strangers.” – Carrie Swinburne from Fire Monkey Arts Collective, Studio 1, Hotwalls Studios.

The exhibition will be touring to Portsmouth City Cathedral for those that did not have the opportunity to view it at The Round Tower; another opportunity to explore the journey of this project and hear the stories of those involved. Tuesday 21st – Thursday 7th October, free admission.

“When drawing in public there is always a sense of performance involved. Opening myself up to scrutiny while I’m finding my way around the composition is always at first a little daunting. The Interactive Weave too was a performance but with audience participation and the social capital it generated was palpable as I observed and chatted with the public. A great extent of my work is about social interaction and this experience ended up feeling natural, organic and the best part, inspirational.”- Karl Rudziak, Studio 4, Hotwalls Studios

Take a tour around Interactive Weaves exhibition virtually where you can view all 800 photographs by Alex Fountain, follow a forest weave tutorial and more!

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