Handmade Textiles


Slow Sustainable Handmade

ReFold has the dual purpose of creating handmade textiles for everyday use whilst promoting an awareness of environmental sustainability.

I dye organic fabrics with indigo and other natural dyes and create pattern using resist techniques such as shibori (stitch resist) and katazome (paste resist). The patterned cloth is then sewn into simple bags, wrapping cloths (furoshiki) and some wearable textiles.

I am particularly interested in geometric patterns, and the relationship between the two dimensional and the three dimensional and how a design is altered when the cloth is folded or wrapped.

My aim is to create textiles which are individual and have a timeless appeal, for people to cherish and use for a long time.


Model holding a cloth bag with shibori designlarge textile wall shibori wall hanging with indigo dye