Studio 4: Frankie Brown



Frankie is an Illustration BA (Hons) graduate from the University of Portsmouth.

Inspired by nostalgic storybooks, Frankie creates whimsical hand-printed illustration, artwork and stationery. She sources her illustration ideas from fairy tales and folklore, delving into their obscure and sometimes darker origins. The natural world is also a large influence in her work.

She mostly works with a relief printmaking method called linocut. It involves using sharp tools to cut an image into a piece of linoleum. The remaining surface is then inked up, and the image is transferred onto paper by hand or by using a printing press. This process can be repeated over and over, creating many layers that will eventually build up an image. Passionate about printmaking, Frankie also enjoys working with screen printing, wood engraving, etching and bookbinding.

Frankie regularly exhibits her work at print fairs, art exhibitions and craft festivals. Her work is also stocked locally at galleries in Hampshire. She mostly sells her work from her studio, but also at events and through her online shop. She has international collectors of her work, reaching as far as America. She loves to share the joy of her craft by hosting printmaking workshops and providing print demonstrations.

Frankie attends her studio three days a week, while also working as a studio technician for a printmaking supplier.


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