Studio 13: Katie Munro

Fine Artist in Painting and Drawing


Katie Munro is a fine artist and illustrator, currently working and living in Portsmouth. She creates drawings and paintings in a variety of different media, such as oil and watercolour paints, pastels, charcoal and graphite . 

Much of her work studies movement and form, encapsulating the energy with sequences of images, mark making, overlapping and editing. 

Another avenue to Katie’s work are her portraits in oil painting. Her work is committed to capturing a moment in time and sensitively portrays the poignancy and detail of her subject. She often takes on commissions in this style. 

After graduating with a BA Hons in Drawing and Applied Art at University of the West of England, Katie spent over 5 years working as an industry painter and assistant to artists Damien Hirst and Mat Collishaw. During this time Katie continued to develop her draughtsmanship and painting techniques in a professional working studio and in her own personal projects.

Katie now works as an independent artist. She joined the Hotwalls Studio in October 2020 and continues to experiment and develop her portfolio of work there.


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