Studio 2: Tiger Lily Tufts

Textile Artist


Lily is a creative business owner from the South Coast of England, specializing in hand-made tufted rugs, wall hangings, mirrors, and other tufting interior products for homes, workspaces, or any desired space.

Lily studied Textiles at The Arts University Bournemouth, where she earned a Ba (Hons) degree with a specialization in print design, screen-printing, and tufting. During her final year of the course, she discovered and developed a passion for tufting, which led her to start her own small business, sharing her skills and art with others.

Her work is created using a combination of tufting guns. She primarily utilizes a cut-pile gun, incorporating elements of loop-pile areas into her designs. This combination allows for a diverse range of textures and depths in her creations.

The core focus of her business is to produce vibrant and distinctive bespoke products that enhance and complement various spaces. Color plays a crucial role in her work, as she particularly enjoys working with bright and uplifting shades that evoke positivity. Her abstract style continues to refine with practice, and she looks forward to witnessing its development as she establishes her small business further.

Each item is meticulously handmade by Lily, and she always dedicates herself to providing the best quality work and service. Her aspiration is to create art that can be appreciated by everyone, which is why she offers both pre-made collections and custom commissions.

Book tufting workshops with Lily here: Workshops – Tiger Lily Tufts


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