Studio 1: Studio Rumu

Textile Artist


Karen’s expertise lies in the ancient art form of needle felting, which involves transforming wool fibers into both 3D models and 2D fiber paintings. Utilizing this technique, she meticulously crafts intricate pieces that depict real and imagined seascapes, landscapes, and street scenes.

The process of needle felting entails repeatedly stabbing unspun wool with small barbed needles. These needles agitate and bond the fibers together, resulting in a firm texture. Karen utilizes dry fibers exclusively, employing the colors and properties of dyed wool to create vibrant and highly detailed “paintings” on a linen background. To enhance these creations further, she incorporates embroidery threads, adding texture and intricate details.

Upon completion, Karen sews the fiber art into a linen “frame” before mounting and framing them in traditional box frames. When working on models such as lighthouses, seagulls, beach huts, and camper vans, she either constructs a metal frame or employs a piece of felted material as a base, building up the fibers around it to form the desired shapes.

Karen’s work is characterized by its playful, detailed, and fun nature, serving as a celebration of the immense versatility offered by the medium of wool.

Karen sees needle felting not only as a form of creative expression, but as an effective form of mindfulness. She hopes to share this experience with others in her regular workshops at the Hotwalls Studios.


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