Nice Pear Ceramics X Livewell Southsea

Hollie Thornley from Studio 3 will collaborate on an exciting new project with Grace Nicole from wellness hub Livewell Southsea.

The two are collaborating to host a special one-day experience in the historic Round Tower, guiding you to connect with your inner child and to explore ceramics through the lens of curiosity and play.

Grace explains – ‘It’s easy to get pulled into the busyness and stressors of our modern world, so our intention is to create a space for you to slow down and ground back into the things that inspire joy and creativity. By connecting with your inner child you rekindle your natural sense of curiosity and presence, we’re going to be looking beyond the inner critic and practising to see the world through the lens of possibility and play.’

In this one-day experience Hollie and Grace will guide their students through:

Exploring gentle movement and grounding practices, connecting with the inner child through guided meditation, reflecting on what inspires your unique sense of joyful creativity and creating handmade ceramics using mindful techniques.

Hotwalls Studios encourages its residents to take part in collaborations around the city and not just within the walls of Point Battery.

For more information on this beautiful workshop follow : Schedule Appointment with Live Well Southsea (

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