Second successful collaboration between resident artists Hollie and Alice

At the end of May, Hotwalls Studios watched two resident artists, Hollie and Alice, as they embarked on their second collaborative project, ‘Sky and Earth: Foraging and Growing’.

Their initial collaboration in September had been met with fantastic feedback, combining weaving and ceramics to produce pieces inspired by nature and crafted from organic materials. Building upon their previous success, the second collaboration took their artistry to new levels, incorporating locally foraged clay and home-grown plants.

Hollie, a skilled potter, brought her expertise in working with locally sourced clay to the collaboration, adding an authentic and raw element to their joint creations. Alice, a talented textile artist, continued her exploration of sustainable practices by utilizing plants she had cultivated herself, which perfectly complemented Hollie’s ceramics. The union of their artistic visions resulted in a harmonious fusion of texture, color, and form, echoing their shared admiration of the natural world.

The collaborative project aligned seamlessly with Alice’s arts council project, “From Soil to Cloth,” which delves into the relationship between the earth, plant cultivation, and textile production. This thematic connection added depth and resonance to their joint exhibition, inviting viewers to reflect on the intricate interplay between art, nature, and sustainability.

The exhibition not only featured the collaborative works of Hollie and Alice but also showcased the mesmerizing artistry of Tomas Arreigota. Arreigota’s latest collection comprised sonorous artist portraits, capturing the essence and spirits of Alice and Hollie in a captivating manner. His distinct style of film enriched the exhibition, offering a multi-dimensional experience for visitors.

The collective exhibition showcased not only the artistic talent of the participating artists but also the inherent power of collaboration. The merging of different artistic disciplines and the shared vision of Hollie, Alice, and Tomas resulted in a captivating showcase that celebrated the Earth, sustainability, and the transformative nature of art itself.

Hollie exclaimed -‘ The second exhibition was an incredible success and brought people closer to the artwork, taking them back to raw materials and process. Thanks to all who visited Sky & Earth – Foraging and Growing. It was wonderful to collaborate with Alice one again and showcase our latest work and processes in weaving and ceramics.’

For more beautiful images and information on the project, please visit: sky and earth — Alice Hume (

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