Studio 6: Radford and Jackson – A Glimpse into Portsmouth’s Rising Fine Artists

Yesterday we welcomed the arrival of our newest tenants in Studio 6, the duo of Connie Radford and George Spencer Jackson. These young, early-career fine artists are set to make waves in Portsmouth’s artistic community with their unique and compelling work.

George Spencer Jackson: A Glimpse into Working-Class Realism

George Spencer Jackson’s talent for ink drawing caught the eye of art enthusiasts when he was awarded the prestigious Hermione Hammond award in 2019. George’s ink drawings are a raw, unfiltered reflection of working-class life, a perspective often overlooked in the art world.

His drawings exude a definitive quality, capturing the essence of his subjects with striking precision. Drawing inspiration from the narratives that evolve in lower-income environments, George’s work is a powerful commentary on society, reflecting both the struggles and resilience of the people he portrays.

Work by George Spencer Jackson

Connie Radford: A Deep Love for Maritime Artistry

Connie Radford, a recent graduate in 2023, is a painter with a passion for all things nautical. Her artistic journey is deeply intertwined with her love for the sea and maritime history. Connie’s  detailed paintings are a testament to her forensic approach in documenting maritime objects – her work are small and precise.

She has ventured into the world of sculpture, and her recent visit to Boathouse 4 led to a creation of a life-size boat crafted from sails and cardboard. As a sailor hailing from Langstone Harbour, Connie’s artistry draws inspiration from Portsmouth’s rich naval history, with a special fascination for the dockyard.

Work by Connie Radford

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