TWELVE Draws Over 1000 Visitors

The Round Tower at Hotwalls Studios witnessed a celebration of art, experimentation, and exploration during the three-day exhibition, “TWELVE,” presented by the innovative collective FOURSANDEIGHTS.

“TWELVE” was wonderfully curated to offer a captivating show through the realms of print, form, and aesthetic. The exhibition questioned conventional notions of perfection and took a deep dive into the natural world. Moreover, it explored the intricate ways in which we process visual data and information.

The Round Tower, with its historical significance and iconic architecture, served as a brilliant backdrop for this thought-provoking and visually stunning display. The contrast between tradition and innovation echoed the themes presented in “TWELVE,” reinforcing the idea that art is a dynamic, ever-evolving force.

For more info on FOURSANDEIGHTS follow: Studio 8: FOURSANDEIGHTS – Hotwalls Studios

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